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Competition Entries
Fri Oct 3rd 2003 at 2:19pm by Leperous

Well, we got 9 entries which isn't bad for a prize-less competition for a 5 year old game! You can go vote for your favourite map by clicking on the link on the left there, and we (i.e. me) will judge them all sometime fairly soon.

El Competitiono
Mon Sep 29th 2003 at 9:59am by Leperous

A reminder that your entries to the "half-arsed concept art competition" have to be in tomorrow at the latest. So far we have had a massive 5 entries (all of them looking pretty impressive though)- get a move on if you're one of those people I know still working, or if you haven't got a reply to your map submission e-mail then please re-send it.

Sat Sep 27th 2003 at 3:41pm by Leperous

Sorry about that downtime, some crazy bug with the database software and dodgy coding methinks. The search pages (i.e. in the editing section and on the forums) were what caused the problem, so they've been crippled a bit for now but have no fear, a full boolean search is on it's way... Anyway, carry on smiley

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