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Hello, I'm back
Posted by MysticMDT on Thu May 28th at 7:33am 2009

I'm back from the dead so to speak and into mapping again. Finished a old map named "Shanghai Harbor" which was from China Campaing for Sudden-Impact mod, but is now exclusive for Sven-Coop 4. It has taken a long time before it was released but u can finaly beta test the map now.

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Managing my Time
Posted by Riven on Sat Apr 18th at 5:47am 2009

Yes, I've been spurred to write this journal simply to have something worth reading on the front page for a while, but since I've decided to write this, I might as well have fun with it! smiley

I am currently a student enrolled in a School of Architecture here in the Southern half of the United States of America. Having started mapping earlier in my life (before architecture school), I found architecture to be a reasonable career choice to help extend my love of creating spaces (in any medium). smiley

Ever since I started college and thus moved away from home, I found that time management was at a premium. I used to complete at least 2 projects a year in mapping -not the case anymore. It's not so much the time I spend in class or for homework (as building hand models for architecture can be very time consuming) it's the extra things, and I'm not talking about extracurricular activities, I mean socializing. You see, for me, I've never been a real socializer. smiley Yes, I went to an occasional party, or friends house, but all throughout high school I didn't have a whole lot of really good friends, and the ones that I did 'hang out' with were at least 10 miles away. Meaning it would take a little while to get there so I didn't go very often, and being an only child I had a lot of time to myself, so I'd spend it at the computer. smiley It was great fun, and I don't regret it at all.

But now living away from home has put my good friends within a couple of blocks of my own apartment. So what does that mean? -I *want* to hang out with them, smiley and they only live within walking distance -You can bet I spend a lot of time with them all. What that does though, is it makes my mapping suffer -considerably. If I decided I'd like to take the time to map I might get 'fussed at' smiley for not showing up the latest episode of some sitcom with the friends. So, ever since I've moved here, I've had to learn (and am still learning) how to separate my time from my friends with my love for mapping (and any other personal project I might have started). smiley

What am I trying to say? smiley

-Well, I just want to let people know (who care anyway) that I haven't given up on mapping or any such things as that; I simply am at a battle for time to complete such tasks. It matters to me a lot and I wish I could see a way to better manage it. Until then I'll need to find the little 'nooks' of time I can squeeze out of each day to devote to it. I can only imagine it might get worse as I graduate, but we'll see. This might become more important in my life later down the road... smiley

Thanks for reading


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Please disregard the silliness below
Posted by larchy on Fri Apr 17th at 6:42pm 2009

Quick, someone write a sensible journal entry! smiley

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