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Fri Sep 5th 2003 at 12:19pm by Leperous

Just a quick note to say that you can now add prefabs via the control panel and they'll appear on our files page. You'll be allowed to upload more file types in the near future, such as map models (in anticipation of HL2 and TF2), but I'm taking a couple of weeks off from coding and whatnot before my brain melts...

Mapping Competition
Mon Sep 1st 2003 at 3:41pm by Leperous

It's still going! The dealine is now the 30th September- this date will not change for school or anyone!- and you can view details about it here if you haven't heard of it before.

Sat Aug 30th 2003 at 11:46pm by Leperous

Just a quick note to tell those people who've tried changing their e-mail address or lost their passwords to basically 'try again' as there were some problems with those systems- or, in the e-mail you received, change 'mode' to 'page' and 'actkey' to 'key' and it should work fine!

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