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Fri Aug 29th 2003 at 11:52am by Leperous

Welcome to yet another new version of the SnarkPit, the 4th if I can still count correctly after having spent the last few months locked in a cave in front of the hypnotic white glow of Notepad. Please mind the bugs and the fact this place looks a little 'ropey', it's a constant work in progress but I just want it up and running already! Anyway, to the last version, this website is hopefully what Half-Life 2 will be to its prequel- bigger, better, and darker. And, I predict, they're both sadly lacking in actual snarkish goodness, but never mind- that'll change when I get 'themes' working here...

So here's the rundown: the old site was a bit of a mess, with code not working in places and tutorials difficult to find unless you knew it well. A quick glance to the bar above will tell you that this site is now split into 5 easy-to-comprehend sections- editing, maps, features, forums and people- and a different sidebar menu for each one. If you register and login there is a control panel you can use to add your own news, maps and tutorials. There's quite a lot on each page, so there's also a handy help icon in the top right of every page telling you what's what (which you can turn off if you log in)

The forums have changed slightly too- general banter is the same wacky place as always, but maps and editing help have changed- for the latter, you can only post a new topic by going via the editing section first and searching for your problem. It also works like certain support forums, with topics being 'unanswered' until a moderator or the topic starter points out the post(s) that answer the original question.

And finally, many of the old user accounts were deleted, so if you can't login and don't see yourself on the memberlist you'll need to re-register.

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