It's back :D
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Re: It's back :D
Posted by Andrei on Mon Dec 5th at 5:29pm 2016

We're busy being old and bitter; well, I'm busy being old and bitter, at least.

It's been ages since I've visited good old Snarkpit and, to be honest, it feels a little surreal how much time has gone by; I mean, I'm looking at the photo on my profile page and it's over a decade old!
It feels like only yesterday I was spamming this place, not to mention prefabland, with my nonsense; how you people managed to put up with my silliness is beyond me.

Here's to hoping you're all doing well and still mapping... be it with UE4 or Unity if not Hammer. smiley

Re: It's back :D
Posted by G4MER on Thu Dec 28th at 7:34pm 2017

Good to see old names posting on here.

Re: It's back :D
Posted by **Dedi** on Sun Mar 4th at 1:13pm 2018

Oh my goodness!

An myriad of emotions wash over me as I see the familiar colours and layout appear on my screen.

Some time ago, I clicked on an old bookmark on my browser, and to my utter heartbreak, SnarkPit was gone. I left it alone, and in a way I left mapping for good. I accepted that the time had passed and it was time to move on. So much has happened since then. Successes, failures, graduations, deaths in the family, relationships, breakups, new ones, happiness, depressing times, anxiety, happiness again, sadness, hope, and above all, nostalgia.

Just a couple of days ago, I was rummaging through my old backed up files in random locations and suddenly ran into Valve Hammer Editor, and found my old maps; a couple of maps I'd spent hundreds and hundreds of hours on. I opened them out of sheer nostalgia, to see what I'd done in my past. I didn't expect that many feelings to come rushing back. Just now I started looking up Hammer Editor tutorials and didn't find much in the first two minutes. In hope, I searched the keywords Snark Pit, just to see whether there was a remnant of our community, or at least the memorable logo of the site on google images.

When I joined this site I was a mere immigrant to Australia and hardly spoke a few words of English. The SnarkPit community was something different: a place full of people who appreciate the game of my childhood, the first game I ever owned. I was maybe 13 or 14 when I joined this community. If you track back (if they are still available) to my first posts (which I may do at some point), you'll see how primitive my English was, and how I addressed Orpheus as Mr. Orpheus because I was just a kid here among all the adults.

Having turned 27 last week, I am like a majority of you travelling down memory lane much more, and in greater emotional magnitude than ever before. The feelings I have are always those of longing. What if this, what if that. I wish I was at this stage in life by now, I wish I'd done this by now. The one thing I know is that whenever I get nostalgic, and want to hit the reset button on my life, I play the Half-Life series. And I do it almost annually.

It has been the longest time. This is the only online community I ever cared about and felt a part of. Even had a couple of you as Steam friends (who, after several years I deleted because I wiped my account to include only people I'd met in real life).

I have no idea whether anybody will have read this at all, but I guess I wrote it because I needed to, for myself as much as anybody else.

I'd love to know what everybody is doing with their lives these days, and how often you guys revisit the Half-Life universe.

TL;DR, Missing the good old days.

Re: It's back :D
Posted by satchmo on Sun Mar 18th at 1:51am 2018

I haven't visited for years, and I thought this community was gone for good.

When I left, I didn't leave on very good terms with some of the older members, but I figure they are dead and gone by now (ten years is a long time, especially in gaming).

"Are you gonna bark all day, little doggie, or are you gonna bite?" -- Mr. Blonde :: Reservoir Dogs

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