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Re: [map] Titanic
Posted by Wild Card on Tue May 16th at 11:57pm 2017

Remembered where I had left off 5 years ago and decided it would be best to continue there. When I got that wrapped up, I noticed that some of my brushes didn't line up.. keeping in mind I am on a 1unit scale. I also have many brushes, mostly around staircases and the boiler casings which extend vertically across many decks, causing issues with textures, so thinking now I'm going to minimize those back to deck by deck, and at the same time redo my VIS grouping and adjust the brushes to the current scale.

Once that is all done, I'll revisit the scale issue.

I also decided, similar to the guys over at the Honor and Glory team, to track progress on small scale deckplans. I didn't want to waste too much time doing this so it's not uber pretty, but it works, and should also help me keep track of where I am. The image below is the result of about 2-3 hours of work getting it all up, and I rushed it a bit cause I was tired of doing it. Areas in red have basically not been done except for a basic box, yellow are areas that I had built 5 years ago - keeping in mind no detail whatsoever - and the few areas in green are what I've built over the past 3 days. The areas uncoloured should mostly be red but this is where I got lazy.

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