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[map] DarkForest
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Re: [map] DarkForest
Posted by Flynn on Sat Mar 17th at 11:51am 2018

This is a a discussion topic for the map "DarkForest" by Flynn which can be found here Map description: This is it then, the final bell.

2005 was when I started my first hl2 map, released in 2006. That one was called "City-13".
Then followed "Gut_Rot" (Christmas 2006) "Courtyard" (2007), "Corridors" (2009).

Needless to say, I didn't have the average teenage life, otherwise I wouldn't have been stuck in front of my computer, mapping, when I could have been having an actual life.

Not a choice, just circumstances, but I digress.

These days, with much less time on my hands, due to a full time job and money to fund real life hobbies, I'd rather be doing them than mapping, as much as I've enjoyed it over the years, it was something that I started doing to kill time, when I had so much time but no money, now the situation is the reverse.

Mapping is satisfying but it is an incredible amount of work for a 1/2 hour's gameplay.

I'd rather be riding my motocross bike at weekends, that's one of the things that I wanted to do back in '06 but lack of a job stopped me.

I started this map back in November 2013, when I built myself a new gaming computer. I'd never mapped on a computer with a good screen size and a decent amount of RAM before, so I wanted to see what I could do.

I wanted to make a map that has some outdoor elements but that also has a nice industrial indoor portion, inspired by the Black Mesa facility in the original HL.

Also, I wanted to capture an industrial feel in the main facility, just like the old original HL levels.

It wouldn't be a good map without a related near disaster story to go with it, so here's one. In October 2017, when I had some time off work, I decided it was time to start getting back to work on the map again. But I was having trouble with Steam, so I uninstalled it, and deleted the entire Steam folder...

Obviously forgetting that the .vmf map file was in a sub folder of the Steam folder. It was only because the "hammerautosave" folder was kept (very sensibly by Valve) on the main C: drive that I was able to recover it and continue building the map from the autosave file.

I still can't believe my mistake! I was having some sort of problem with Steam, I wanted to be sure that it was a fresh install. But I totally forgot that my .vmf file for the map was kept in there.

Luckily the autosave was quite up to date because I had Hammer open a lot without doing much work on the map.

After that near disaster, I was eager to get it finished. However, the last time I'd worked on it was January 2017, due to starting my first full time job shortly afterwards.

A big push over the 10 day Christmas holidays in 2017 saw it almost ready to finish.

Apart from during the Christmas period, due to being only able to work on it at weekends, it has taken awhile to do the final tweaking.

Finishing this map is a massive weight off my shoulders, I feel like I've been released, now I can enjoy some hard earnt freedom...

Weekends are going to be free again for anything that takes my fancy (probably motocross riding and generally being free).

So this is my last and, I think it's fair to say, best map. Gotta love going out on a high!

This is Flynn, aka Freeman, signing off! Map screenshots: Screenshots for: DarkForest

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