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2 ratings / 4 stars
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Game: Team Fortress 2
Added Fri Apr 17th 2009

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A fairly typical ctf map, roughly the same size as 2fort. THis started off as my 1st attempt at mapping for tf2, but got shelved after the b4 release. That must have been at least a year ago, but I've managed to rekindle my interest in it recently.

Changes are mostly outside, which has been completely re-made into a much smaller area than before. Entrances/exits from the bases have been changed to suit the new exterior, but anyone that remembers the original builds will see that the internals of the bases are still much the same.
There's also a couple of extra routes that should help to cause fewer stalemates.

I know about the skybox being off centre, and looking daft, and about the couple of props that don't have any collisions on them. Other than that, I'd be glad to hear of any other problems that anyone finds.

filesize is about 11 mb.

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0 starsPosted by RedWood on Mon Feb 16th 2009 at 9:59pm

I loaded up b6 not long after i posted last but i just getting around to posting.
Wow, what a change. It's not even the same map.
It's a vary small map but all the spacing seem grate. The way the base is built into the hill was done vary well. I enjoyed it vary much. I'd like play a game on it so i can leave some decent feed back. If you know any servers running it please post the their ip addresses.
0 starsPosted by G4MER on Sat Feb 14th 2009 at 9:53pm

I am a BULL not a Steer.
Posted by fishy on Sat Feb 14th 2009 at 12:34am

Quoting Muhnay
Love, LOVE, LOVE! the Cows.

show me a Texan that doesn't smiley
0 starsPosted by G4MER on Fri Feb 13th 2009 at 4:02pm

Love, LOVE, LOVE! the Cows. Fishy is da man... looks good so far.
Posted by fishy on Wed Feb 11th 2009 at 1:25pm

haymaker, I made the cows for another mapper, but couldn't resist throwing them in behind some glass just for a laugh. There's a good chance that they'll get removed for the final release. L4D seems to have stolen a lot of players away from tf2 servers, but even so, it's still a great game to buy if you've got $20 to spare. The pipes, and a few other pros need to be tied to an info_ligting thingumy because they have their origins inside brushes atm.

Redwood, most of what you mentioned has been addressed in this build. More health and ammo can be found close to where angies will need it.
The thing about taking the flag to the battlements was how 2fort originally played in tfc, and I thought that people would 'get it' reasonably quick. That didn't seem to happen, so now you take the intel back to where your own is. The outside area was far too big before, which caused a lot of deathmatching, with not too many people managing to get to the enemy base. This meant the outside had to be completely remade to be a good deal smaller, and now looks just like the 3rd pic. smiley
If I can come up with a suitable name, then I'll change it away from 'fishy', as there's nothing atm to connect the name to the theme.
0 starsPosted by RedWood on Wed Feb 11th 2009 at 10:04am

Funny you posted this now. I played a game on your Beta_4 version just 2 days ago.
The map looks good. no complaints there. I did see a few other issues though.
There definitely needs to me more heath and ammo pick ups. I was playing engineer and setting anything up was difficult. Setting a dispenser and getting enough metal to get a sentry up to level 2 takes forever with out a little help.
I was surprised by this but i was getting lost constantly in side the main bases. I'll learn, but others were having the same problem and not many people have any patients for custom maps.
People were getting confused because the flag is brought back to a place other than from where they took it. More than one person asked where they had to that the flag to.
I don't know if it was unique to the game i played but a lot of people went scout. The center area seemed to be well suited for them and slated against other classes. Maybe i should play more before commenting but for at least this game the scout had a easy time of diapering and circling around you. I like how visibility was relatively blocked so the sniper don't have it to easy but i wish i could see more of the area for the benefit of the other classes.

Were you going to keep the map name Fishy when u move out of beta?
Is the third pic a new area? Or an unreachable for atmosphere?

Keep going on it. I look forward to playing B_6
0 starsPosted by haymaker on Wed Feb 11th 2009 at 1:18am

Looks awesome, though I don't play tf2, I can see you've put lots of ideas to work here. Those cows are part of the stock package, or you made them? and the magazine? lol anyway.

If this was a dm map, in the first shot i would have suggested continue the upper level through that kink in the stairs, to create a short ledge. Then it could terminate at the end of the stair run and result in a parallel stair set. I like the composition of the 2nd shot but would benefit from -StaticPropPolys in expert lighting compile, for those pipes.

Nice job from the screens. Too bad i don't own the game smiley
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