Torment by sndexter6

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1 rating / 3 stars
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Game: Half-Life 2: Episode Two
Added Fri Nov 27th 2009

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(Made for Hl2 Ep 2)

This is my first ever creation in hammer. It's fairly short (10 minutes probably) but it took me forever to make.

It's a horror map. Don't blame me if you're scarred for life. And Enjoy!

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3 starsPosted by Riven on Sun Dec 27th 2009 at 9:31am

I finally got around to playing this, and I think you did a good job scaring me! While although the scares came via surprise sounds and ghostly figures, I did like some of the effects you pulled off. The ghostly shadows of the fast zombies, were cool, and I liked how you had the player go down this hall and return only to find the hall change to a different space all together. -That was pretty neat.

The map lacks a lot of detail, but I'm guessing since this was one of your first maps, you seemed to focus on getting across the surprise factor. Which I think you pulled off fine. There was one major issue I think you should fix, and that, I think players should have an item_suit from the start of the map. It's really hard to see in those dark spaces. And, it gives some comfort in the horror. smiley

Other than that, I think you pulled off a scary first map!

Keep it up smiley
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