Dewdle's Prison Map by doodle

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Game: Half-Life 2: Episode Two
Added Sun Dec 30th 2012

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NOTE: to play, load ep2 and enable the command console in advanced options in control. Click the tilde key "~" next to 1 on your keyboard and type "map prisonmap", hit enter.

This is a small (10-15min run, 20 if you are very slow) HL2 Ep2 map I made a while ago involving a prison escape. It is basically all action gameplay (shooting), though it does have some smaller elements of strategy towards the end with the major battle sequence.

As it stands I'm not sure if I can continue it, though it would be great to receive some feedback anyways. Any suggestions welcome. (I know of the lack of a 3d skybox in the one section, and the random appearance of the HEV suit in another smiley )

Cheers all!

Thx to Grim, Ant, Strideh, PB, Rabideh and everyone over at TWHL.

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