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Game: Half-Life: Deathmatch
Added Sat Jun 1st 2013
Updated Sun Jun 23rd 2013

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Spongebob Squarepants inspired theme map.

Recommended Players: 2 - 24

Additional Information: There are some engine-related issues while standing at one of the back corners and staring into the center of the map... the problem lies with being able to see too many of the solid surfaces at once and slower computers may experience image-jumping or lag spikes.

Teleports to secrete areas are at the following locations:

1 - Crouch into the safe, located in the grill room of the Krusty Krab

2 - 'Use Key' the computer (Karen) in the upper floor of the Chum Bucket, then enter the wall it opens

3 - Patricks pink 'starfish sprite' in the far corner will lead you into his underground house

4 - In the ventilation ducts area (immediately right after climbing the ladders) during the long drop, there is a small off-shoot you can land into containing the snail sprite 'gary'.
Touching the sprite will take you into the secrete area.

5 - Aboard the Flying Dutchman's green ship in the sky, touching a sprite of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy on the lower deck will take you to the secrete.

6 - In squidward's red 'art-studio' room, full of paintings. Crouching into the back corner will lead you to a secrete room.

7 - Entering through the top of SpongeBob's Pineapple, crouching into the wall opposite of the ladder will take you into a secrete room.

8 - The blue Jellyfish sprite, floating near the Island in the Sky, will take you into a secrete room.

'Alone' secrete room spawns:

Tripmines - Will spawn by running over the green platform on the floor of the 'alone' room

Beegun - The hivegun will lower on a purple platform after pushing the silver opacity (see-through) cube into the corner.
(Far left side of the rocket launcher, Opposite of the armor)

HEV Armor Items - an Invisible ladder spans the back corner
(Far right side of rocket launcher), leading to the Armor.

Crossbow - standing in front of the yellow cube will raise the cube blocking the crossbow, allowing access

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Posted by psilous on Sun Jun 23rd 2013 at 1:44am

A lot of the sprites went wonky on this map..

but after 3 days worth of work, I just didn't care anymore, they are only sprites. smiley

I appreciate the compliment about creativity..

I had the idea randomly after playing an old OLD map I made back in 2003, that was the original krusty krab restaurant on the same street as spongebob's pine-apple.. then thought.. what if i took the literal concept of that cartoon and exaggerated that all these deep-sea articles were attached onto the same coral reef..

Thus, became this map. smiley
0 starsPosted by GrimlocK on Wed Jun 12th 2013 at 8:52pm

I have to say, there is something about your style of mapping that I find unique and some what refreshing when compared to the endless flow of hallway type bland industrial HLDM maps, crappy killboxes, and dry arenas. Creativity is king n my book and you certainly have that in your maps. Now with that said, I'm going to have to poke you in the eye, your tree branch sprites look like they are not set properly, minor detail but had to toss that out there from the screen shot. I need to re-download your map set you set up not too long ago, I don't know where I put the archive.
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