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Game: Half-Life: Deathmatch
Added Wed Jun 12th 2013

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New Work in progress. A sphere environment varying gravity levels wrapped with repelling force fields on the inner walls. This map is VERY fast paced, there are multiple gravity levels depending on where you are in the map as well as which gravity level is best for the game play in the area you are in. The original sphere concept was created by CreepItAll. This map has a total of 32 bounce area, 12 flings with 8 more flings planned. Landing on any of the bounce areas produces a sound and a colored force field temporarily appears. The force field color varies as you can see in the images. This map is about 85% finished. An outside area with planet sprites is planned as well as a few secrets. We are in Beta 5 right now but no download is currently available unless I get multiple requests.

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