OP4_Warp by Dogether

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1 rating / 5 stars
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Game: Opposing Force (HL)
Added Thu Jul 11th 2013
Updated Tue Sep 5th 2017

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This map has a discussion topic which can be visited here

This is a simple deathmatch map, but with some unique features :

24 possibility weapons that will be choosen randomly for you (Penguins are included too)

5 Power Ups from CTF Mode

1 Nihilanth and 1 Tentacle in center of the map, a lot of Turrets in each hill, 8 Barnacles above the ground, and 2 Helicopters that will come later

Health and Shield recharger in every corner of the map

You will get full shield if you're lucky

Remember, this is not about skill only, but also your luck. Professional players with knife VS Noob players with Gluon Gun is enough to explain that situation would never same, even if you had knew much about this map smiley

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5 starsPosted by Yuer35 on Fri Sep 13th 2013 at 11:00am


Link please.smiley
Posted by Dogether on Wed Sep 11th 2013 at 2:08pm

Well, if you don't know how to play with bots, you can use "HPB_BOT"

Don't worry. Honestly, I think play with bots are not so boring like everyone said.

Maybe one thing that can make boring is because BOT are very rare to get powerful weapon caused by that weapon was placed at difficult places.

Did you know? If the BOTS get a powerful weapon such Gluon Gun, Ion Cannon, or Sniper Rifle, they will become MORE TOUGHER than Human Players smiley

That's why I very like to play with BOT.

Usually I did some event. For example, who can reach until 60 kills, he/she wins.

And to reach 1st position, not easy for me. Usually, when I'm still at 2nd or 3rd position with my kills still 10, there a BOT at 1st position with number of kills are 25. Very challenging.

Sorry about my language. smiley
5 starsPosted by Yuer35 on Wed Sep 11th 2013 at 1:58pm

Wow, really awesome map. I've looking for a map that has all weapons and there are some hostile. And that your map is a good choice. Although too simple, but this map are not bad.

Note : I don't know how to play with bots.

Can you tell me please? smiley
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