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Game: Half-Life
Added Sat Jan 4th 2014

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I haven't been around here for a loooooong time. I have been mostly gaming, getting in university to study Informatics/Computer science and programming different stuff. I am planning to soon start a game project...

I and 3 colleagues played some HLDM and this inspired me to launch the good ol' VHE and make a map or two. I am also using some upgrades: , man are thous fast. There is also a further modified VHE in the forums. This is my second map since then, I made a much smalled one, that I haven't uploaded yet.

I made this map for a few weeks (a week if I collect the time I had spent every day developing) and this is what I crafted. Can you give me an idea for a name?

V 1.0
The map is not yet named- it's called "none", because I am still thinking of a name. The map is playable, but the gameplay is not yet tested. You are free to test the map and I would like to hear feedback from the testing, but please don't repost it or use it in any public servers yet.

The map is smaller than I originally intended (but it's as big as most of the original maps) and is not as detailed as I would normally make it- after all, this is a multiplayer map. Still, I am quite satisfied with what I managed to achieve. I built the map quite randomly- rooms connected with corridors with the idea to make a Stalkyard copy. Eventually I came up with other ideas that made the map take its own path. When the main part was finished, as in, I thought that the rooms were enough, I started randomly detailing them with no attempt to add any logic into the map's concept (as if you actually care if there is story in a deathmatch map in a multiplayer mode with no story).

I tried to use the "twisted corridors" solution for optimizing the map and it worked- I am developing the map on an 7-8-year-old laptop and the map runs smoothly on average graphics. But I am not giving any assurance that it will run smoothly on older PCs...

The map's architecture is done (unless testing reveals that there is a need of tweaking), weapon, ammo and spawn point entities most probably need to change. Testing will reveal that.

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0 starsPosted by AllesRatten on Thu May 29th 2014 at 1:01pm

hey - Justus alias Alles_Ratten here. I'm also mapping for half life, same as a friend of me. we are about to start a mod project. how about we come into chat? you can find me on steam in the community by searching for alles_ratten or maybe even xen-raiders. Or leave a message here so that we can contact u.

or just dont if u dont care smiley

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